Friday, June 6, 2008

The Organic Rainbow has joined our family

Well, Massachusetts was very good to us. We not only had a tremendous reception almost everywhere we went but we had people ordering. For example, the Organic Rainbow, a wonderful shop in Beverly, put in a lotion and a chocolate order. And yes, the ordered candles, too.

The Organic Rainbow
267 Rantoul Street
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915
Phone: 978-927-4600

A nice place run by a lovely and yes bubbly woman. Go in there and enjoy. Buy our lotion, she's carrying lotion as well as chocolates.

Welcome to The Candy Box 'n Gallery

Well, this is a first. We just got back from Massachusetts and we had not only great interest but people ordering as we were talking to them. Kim came on this 3 day trip covering most of the state though we had to skip Cambridge, my old stomping grounds.

So, the day after we got home Sharon at

The Candy Box 'n Gallery
135 Second St.
Monument, CO 80132
Phone: 719-481-3720

called and ordered our chocolate. So, we'd like to welcome The Candy Box 'n Gallery to the Life by Chocolate Family. Please go there and buy chocolate.

The Carrot Barn Store has joined our family

I'd like to welcome the Carrot Barn Store to our growing family of beautiful stores that sell our chocolates.

They are the farm store for Schoharie Valley Farms. I buy my produce from Richard Ball there. It's fantastic produce. I use it in my cooking. Asparagus are now in season people and there's is great. Please don't buy it all up I need some for the restaurant.

Schoharie Valley Farms/The Carrot Barn
Route 30
Schoharie, NY 12157
Phone 518-295-7139
Fax 518-295-7139

Yes, the store is in a barn and it is gorgeous and pretty big. It's painted red, too. Very carrot like. ;-) Go there and buy some chocolate.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to Little Lake Campground!!

Little Lake Campground
460 North Road
Jefferson, NY, 12093
Phone: 1-607-652-6520

Now this is interesting. Little Lake Campground called to ask me to demo, or rather participate in a chocolate show, at their camp grounds on June 14th. That's the Saturday. As you know, I've been so busy will all the new customers that I just can never find the time. However, this is close by and is only 3 hours. I'll be there at their wine and beer show from 3 - 6. So come on by.

Plus, the Little Lake Campground will also be carrying our chocolates. Another reason to stay there. So, let me welcome to the Life by Chocolate family, Little Lake Campground. Pictures are coming.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome Park Natural Health Foods

I'd like to welcome Park Natural Health Foods in Brooklyn, a beautiful store. It's "Your Local Full Service Health Food Store" and they mean it. Nice people with a mission to serve your needs. They aren't yet carrying our bath products but they are carrying our full line of chocolate bars.

Park Natural Health Foods
350 Court St
Brooklyn, New York 11231
Phone: 718-802-1652 Fax: (718) 802-1653

It's a beautiful part of Brooklyn with, I found, plenty of parking. Go, enjoy and buy some chocolate, especially mine. Say hi for me.

Pumpkin's Organic Market,Brooklyn, has upped and joined

Pumpkin's Organic Market
1302 8th Ave Map
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Phone: 718-499-8539

Could I say it any better than, "Your friendly neighborhood organic grocer, specializing in unique and tastey organic foods!" (sic.) Probably but I couldn't be any truer. This is a fine group of people who will help you. What more could you ask?

When you walk into Pumpkin's it looks like the inside of a very, very clean barn in el campo limpia. If you know what I mean. go there and you'll get what you need. They're on their way to becoming vegan and so they've ordered some special bars from me that will become mainstream. It's a beautiful place with fun people staffing it. Say hi to Chiqui (pronounced Cheeky) and Christina. Have fun.

1302 8th Avenue at the corner of 13th Street.
F train to 15th Street/Prospect Park
Monday–Sunday: 10am to 8pm

These aren't really in order

Main St Grainery in Chatham New York

The Main St Grainery has joined the Life by Chocolate family and are now carrying our chocolates. So, if you're in Chatham New York, stop buy there and buy some chocolates and also pick up some of their great apple cider. Sigh. I drank the last of it today. We took it XC skiing. Sigh, again, no less.

Welcome The Health Shoppe in NJ

I would like to welcome The Health Shoppe in Morristown, NJ to the Life by Chocolate Family. Yea!

The Health Shoppe
66 Morris St.
Morristown, New Jersey 07960

It's a lovely shop(pe) peopled by lovely people. They're helpful and super enthusiastic. They bought 9 lbs of handmade chocolate chips. Whew! I now have pictures soon of the chocolate chip making process and also of Steve, my new assistant who will be helping out with breakfast and dinner. He'll be making breakfast and dinner. Here he is making chips.

I'd like to welcome, again, The Health Shoppe

The Health Shoppe
Chester Springs Shopping Center
Rt. 206
Chester NJ, 07930

Another great store run by the nicest people. I just don't know what it is about health shop(pes) but they are run by enthusiastic and terrific people. This is a great store. They bought some of my fantastic mixed chocolates for Mother's Day.

We are very happy to be here in New Jersey, the beautiful Garden State and it is a garden, folks. It's gorgeous. Go to both of these stores and by some chocolate, Life by Chocolate, natch.

The Open Door Bookstore

The Open Door
128 Jay St
Schenectady, NY 12305
(518) 346-2719

Another great store has joined the Life by Chocolate family and we are very happy to have them. It's a great store in Schenectady on Jay Street. A lovely town and an even lovelier store. Check it out. It's a bookstore but also a gift shop. Go and buy your chocolates there. And don't forget to get a candle or some other gift.

Natural Foods and More

I'd like to welcome Natural Foods and More to our family. Life by Chocolate is proud to have this wonderful shop join our growing chocolate movement.

Natural Foods and More
107 Union Street
Cobleskill, New York 12043

It's a great place with books and right next door to the Tri County Arts Council. Please go and buy lots of chocolate and anything else you may need. It's located in historic downtown Cobleskill and it's a beautiful store.

Hawthorne Valley Farm Store

I'd like to welcome The Store into the Life by Chocolate family.

The farm is a biodynamic farm and the store reflects those values. No GMO. No chemicals. They carry all natural and 90% or their products and produce are organic. It's a beautiful store run by beautiful people and I am so happy that they bought my chocolates. It's worth a trip out to their farm and store.

Hawthorne Valley Farm Store
327 Route 21C
Ghent (Harlemville), New York 12075

Go. Buy. Enjoy life and remember, don't panic, it's organic.

Oh, I'll be demoing at this store on Sat. March 15th. Come and see me and get a free sample.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hilltown Market in Rensselaerville

The store that started it all. Rob at Hilltown Market wanted to carry my chocolates. He and Rachel have been big supporters. And when I was reviewing my blog, I saw that back in January, I mentioned Hilltown twice, in two entries, I did not actually have a welcoming post for them. For shame! ;-)

So, here it is. I'd like to welcome the coop and health food store that started the ball rolling. Welcome to the Life by Chocolate family and thanks most humbly.

Hilltown Market
26 County Rt 353,
NY 12147

This is a beautiful store run by outstanding people. The members are fun. Rob is great and the board is made up of good folk.

These are the Chocolate Stores of Life by Chocolate

My Life by Chocolate blog is getting crowded with all the stores that I need to put up there so I'm moving all the stores to this, my new Chocolate Store blog. I'll double blog until the rank of this blog gets to be a Google 4/10.

So, my tags will be either store for the stores or review for the reviews. This entry will have no tag.